Inner Work For Your Shadow Self

Becoming our 'Best Self' comes from shedding the things that hold us back. Confront our Past, Make Positive Decisions in the Present & Set Goals for the Future.

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Inner Work For Your Shadow Self
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Inner Work For Your Shadow Self
Becoming our 'Best Self' comes from shedding the things that hold us back. Confront our Past, Make Positive Present Decisions to Goals for the Future.

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6 Modules
Doing The Inner Work

Why do we make the choices that we make?

What is Your Mindset?

What is Shadow Work? What is Inner Work? Why is it Important?

Examining Your Past...

You As A Child.

Confronting Your Inner Child

Empowering Your Inner Child

Your Relationships

Your Past Relationships

What We Allow...

New Requirements

Your Friendships

Your Past Friendships

Confronting What We Allow

Your New Requirements

You As A Parent

Facing Your Parents

Disciplining Your Kids

Being The Best Parent You Can Be

With Your Future In Mind

Owning Your Future

With What You Know, What Will You Do?

Facing Your Relationship With Money

Owning Your Business as an Entrepreneur

Inner Work With Birdie

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When you have found yourself stalled in your life, 'Facing Your Shadow Self' is what is needed. In this course, we explore all of the ways that affect us.


  • Our Past
  • Your Friendships
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Parenting
  • Your Parents
  • Your Business & Finances
  • Your Future


Doing the 'Inner Work' helps you examine why you're making the choices that you make based on YOU and only you.


Healing yourself and getting past the things that have been holding you back in your life is the ONLY way you can make the choices that will lead to the life you want. Let's do the work!


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