Why is Shadow Work so important?


Sometimes we get so desensitized  by our everyday lives, we forget to feel...

become programmed by the things and those behaviors we tend to regurgitate in our routines and daily living become the norm.

But it's holding you back.

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5 Modules
Introduction to Shadow Work

Shadow Work: What is it all about?

What is YOUR Mindset?

Examining Your Past...

Revisit Your Past BRIEFLY - You As A Child.

Your Relationships: How You're Relating to People

Friendships: What We Allow...

Your Past Relationships

Your Partner

New Love Requirements

You As A Parent

Being The Best Parent You Can Be

With Your Future In Mind

Owning Your Future

Day One Goals: Let's Start Today!

Meet Birdie Chesson

"I am a bridge that takes you from where you are to where you want to be."

As a Transitional Guide, I take this role as my life's mission. For over 20 years I've helped thousands of people, through my coaching, videos, books, materials and engagements. 

Doing the Work entails us actively being aware, acknowledge and accountability in order to heal.

If during any of my courses, you have any questions, let me know!




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