A place of hope, togetherness, and accountability

Becoming our 'Best Self' comes from shedding the things that hold us back.  Confront our Past, Make Positive Decisions in the Present &

Set Goals for the Future.


This is a 3-Month Course Program. This is strategically paced to maximize your experience. 

It requires commitment and an active and consistent effort from you. Inner Shadow Work can be lifechanging and tranformational if you are dedicated to doing the work. 

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5 Modules
Introduction to Shadow Work

Shadow Work: What is it all about?

What is YOUR Mindset?

Examining Your Past...

Revisit Your Past BRIEFLY - You As A Child.

Your Relationships: How You're Relating to People

Friendships: What We Allow...

Your Past Relationships

Your Partner

New Love Requirements

You As A Parent

Being The Best Parent You Can Be

With Your Future In Mind

Owning Your Future

Owning Your Business as an Entrepreneur




We are Confident.

We are Powerful.

We are Strong.


We are unstoppable when we are together.


Join the Sisterhood Inner Circle and experience the power of togetherness.


The transformation that you will see will reflect positively in your life.


This is NOT just another community where you come and promote your services. 

This is your Village of Sisters, from ALL walks of life, coming together to make their dreams happen. Whether it's out monthly mastermind or our 'Notorious Sip & Chat', No matter what path you choose, you WILL BE SUPPORTED.

We deserve the same opportunities as our counterparts. Knowing that we can get to where we want to go is a HUGE part of the journey. But knowing that you are not alone, makes the journey so much better.


Sisters that will lift you up and help you get to where you want to go. 



Inner Work With Birdie

When you have found yourself stalled in your life, 'Facing Your Shadow Self' is what is needed. In this course, we explore all of the ways that affect us.


  • Our Past
  • Your Friendships
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Parenting
  • Your Parents
  • Your Business & Finances
  • Your Future


Doing the 'Inner Work' helps you examine why you're making the choices that you make based on YOU and only you.


Healing yourself and getting past the things that have been holding you back in your life is the ONLY way you can make the choices that will lead to the life you want. Let's do the work!




When you are a part of our community, we ensure that you get help.



We conduct monthly virtual sessions to boost your self-esteem.


You will be a part of a small accountability group.


You will make connections with women who are a reflection of YOU.



Inner Work For Your Shadow Self is a full self-paced course with 4 modules, designed to give you an tools to get through the past, to redefine your future. New Content is always introduced to our courses, keep your mind focused.

Module 1 - Revisit Our Past


Very briefly, we revisit our childhood and Discover WHY we do the things that we do, Consciously, Subconsiously, Unconsciously and how to use our Superconsciousness to Improve our Lives.


Module 2 - Relationships


A lot of the choices we make in life, have a lot to do with the company we keep. Relationships that are Romantic and Platonic are in this Module.


Module 3 - Parenting


Seeing yourself as a child, growing as a parent, forgiving yourself through trial and error as imperfect parents, hopefully moving towards perspective of your past and redefine your future.


Module 4 - Your Future


Whether it's finances, future plans and figuring out how to start TODAY, this module helps you explore where you can improve and plan for the future with the new tools given.


Welcome to Our Sisterhood:

Members ONLY - Managing Your Expectations

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I have created an impact on THOUSANDS of lives in the last 20 years through coaching and mentoring. If you get to know me, you will see that I love what I do and I am passionate to bring results for you.


It's important that we don't just take in all of the things that you will learn with us, but to also put what you've learned to use.





Weekly Virtual Sessions

Accountability Groups

Networking Hours


We are unstoppable when we are together.


Join the Sisterhood.Group and experience the power of togetherness.



Course ONLY

$55Per month USD incl VAT


> Access to ONE Course*

> 3 Month Intensive Course

> PDF Downloads to Book

*Per Course (One Course Each)


$197*Per month USD incl VAT


> Access to ALL Course Pathways (ONE at a time)

> 3 Monthly Sisterhood Events

> Business & Career Coaching (Mixers & Masterminds)

> Invitations to Group Coaching

Work With Birdie

$5555USD incl VAT

In Full 3 Month Shadow Book Course 

>Invitation to Apply to Sisterhood

> Unit Guided 3 Month Intensive

> Bi-Weekly 1 on 1 Coaching

>Weekly Assignments & Email Correspondence

The value you will get cannot be measured in the price listed here. And there is no price tag that can measure how much you are worth it.





When do I start?


As soon as you join the membership, you will receive a detailed email with all instructions in it. You will be able to start immediately.


How much time commitment is required?


A daily 1 hour of dedicated time will help you keep you on track.
The more inner work that you do, the more benefit you will see in your progress.


Can I try it before joining?


At this time, we do not offer a free trial, however, if you are not seeing results, you can cancel anytime. Please note, there are NO REFUNDS on any of our courses, products and services.
When you cancel, you will not be billed the following cycle.


How can I get more information on the Sisterhood.Group?

Click on any of our Sisters' picture above to see seom messages about our notorious monthly Sip and Chat. For even more information, Download our Information Guide HERE.

Note: terms and conditions may change at any time.



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