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Women Entrepreneurs! Let us Help You Help Yourself in your Business!

Join a group of Women Entrepreneurs that will help you and you help them in return. It's a great way to meet other entrepreneurs and network.

Need help with your business? We got your back.

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There are modules for mental and emotional support for Entrepreneurs.

Quick Courses on writing books and your own courses.
Watch past recordings on how others have been helped.
Invitations to Future Mixers and Masterminds are Included.

What Kind of Business Do You Want to Start? Do You Need Help & Support? Are You Ready To Serve & Be Served?

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Our Monthly Mixers and Masterminds is all about helping others and being helped. A group of your peers coming together to reach where you really want to be in your business. If you haven't started yet, we will help you start!


Birdie Chesson uses her 20+ years in the coaching and consulting industries to help you confront all of the things that are holding you back. Let's help ourselves so that we can continue to help others.


Included in this course is also tools and resources, as well as access to the Mixers and Masterminds membership meeting recordings.

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5 Modules
Mixers and Mastermind Recordings

August Mixer 8/5/21

August Mastermind 8/6/21

September Mixer 9/3/21

September Mastermind 9/4/21

October Mixer

What Kind Of Entrepreneur Are YOU?

Mindset Management: Where is Your Mind?

What if you want to do something and don't know what? Finding Your Gift...

Day One... Setting Your Goals

Scheduling Your Way to Success

10 Ways to Go From 'Entrepoor' to Millionaire Entrepreneur

Print Materials: Full Mixers Guide

Plan, Pivot to Prosper

Plan, Pivot to Prosper! Introduction

Create Your Course

Finishing Your Course

Print Materials: What Will I Teach In My Course?

Write a Book For Your Business

Print Materials: Create a Book For Your Business

Affiliate Resources:

Print Materials: Start Your Own Podcast

How to Profit With Your Own Podcast

Modern Podcasting

How to Run Your Own Membership

Build Your OWN Membership Site

Print Materials: 20 Tips to Creating a SUCCESSFUL Podcast

Entrepreneur Love

Entrepreneur Love as Singles

Entrepreneur Love as a Couple

Entrepreneur Love as a Family

Entrepreneur Love (The Book)

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