Learn More: Are You Heart, Mind Or Pussy Dominant?

Feeling Loved, Feeling Safe or Feeling Good,

makes all of the difference! 

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About Our Course:

How we allow others to treat us as well as how we love has EVERYTHING to do with having successful relationships (how we relate to others)


It's THE Guide to Changing HOW You Love...

When you know HOW you love, you will know how to 'pick better partners' and maintain your balance in your relationships in order to be consistent for a successful relationship!



If you've been falling into the same patterns in love & friendships, ending in disappointments and being hurt.

Let's Start Making Good Pussy Decisions.




Here's More About Our Course...

5 Modules
Your Result From The Quiz

Are You Heart, Mind or Pussy Dominant?

All About You

Confronting Your Past

Terms and Conditions

Your Past Love

What You Allowed

Keeping The Past In The Past

All About Them

Current Relationships

Future Relationships

The New Standard

Physical Qualities

New Terms and Conditions

Note: This is PACED to be a 3-Month (minimum) program.

Taking your time helps you get the most out of this course. 

Paying in full allows you to take the course at your pace and you will have access for 6 months. If you think that you will need more time, please select the pay per month option. We cannot offer credits for our courses.


This is all strategically paced to maximize your experience. 

This requires commitment and an active and consistent effort from you.

Doing Inner Work can be life-changing and transformational,

ONLY if you are dedicated to DOING THE WORK.


A Note From Birdie:

When you have found yourself stalled in your life, 'Facing Your Shadow Self' is what is needed. In this course, we explore all of the ways that affect us.


  • Our Past
  • Your Friendships
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Parenting
  • Your Parents
  • Your Business & Finances
  • Your Future


Doing the 'Inner Work' helps you examine why you're making the choices that you make based on YOU and only you.


Healing yourself and getting past the things that have been holding you back in your life is the ONLY way you can make the choices that will lead to the life you want. Let's do the work!




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