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Inner Work/Shadow Work

Reconditioning our Subconscious Mind helps you to "Change your mind, Change your Life".

This course is popular amongst beginners. Learning/Unlearning certain behaviors will bring you to new heights to accomplish your goals.

Lovers and Friends

The Guide to Making Good Love Decisions will help you identify and change certain ideologies that keep us limited in how we love and how others love us in return. "We Set The Standard" Once we know how we love, we can control our Heart, Mind or Kitty Dominance.

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Get help with your business through our experience using downloads, assignments, and lives.

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Birdie sows seeds. Empowering women to help themselves through exploring their relationships within, in order to have quality relationships outward.

Self-Help is the BEST help & Self-Love is the BEST love!


Author, Personal Development Specialist & Book Coach Birdie Chesson's proven 20 year coaching style is showing you how to help yourself.


She does this through our Sisterhood, coaching programs, speaking at events and doing workshops. We make sure that during the duration of taking the courses, you will have access to support.

Here are Our Courses

Shadow Work, Love & Relationships & Business Entrepreneur Help

Inner Work For Your Shadow Self
USD 997.0
Inner Work For Your Shadow Self
Becoming our 'Best Self' comes from shedding the things that hold us back. Confront our Past, Make Positive Present Decisions to Goals for the Future.
Lovers and Friends
USD 997.0
Lovers and Friends
How we allow others to treat us as well as how we love has EVERYTHING to do with a successful relationship. This course addresses how we "dominate".
Mixers and Masterminds
USD 47.0 / month
Mixers and Masterminds
Limiting beliefs have coaches & consultants everywhere devaluing their work, not charging enough, trauma bonding &feeling defeated. It's time to stop.

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Stuck in your life? Tired of living and repeating the same Karmic cycles? Doing the inner work is required for us to get past, the past!

Get started with watching the FREE Course on Shadow Work below Then watching the short video below on managing our expectations.

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Managing Your Expectations

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I have created an impact on 1000+ lives in the last 20 years through coaching and mentoring. You will see that I love what I do and I am passionate to bring results for you.


It's important that we don't just take in all of the things that you will learn with us, but to also put what you've learned to use.




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